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Which courses should I order?
Order one of the packages in the top catalog to the right (best price option!)
Order 5 individual courses:
1. Fair Housing
2. Agency
3. Ethics
4. Elective
5. Elective
What courses are required?
NY licensees are required to complete Fair Housing, Agency, and Ethics courses.  The Agency course also includes the 1 hour required legal matters continuing education.
Does Ethics satisfy the NAR requirement?
Yes, ICE's Ethics course is authored to satisfy the NAR requirement. If you are a member of your local Board of Realtors® then you must complete this course every three years, by December 31, 2021.

ICE does NOT report Ethics completions to any local boards. It is the responsibility of each Realtor® to print your Ethics certificate and submit it to your local Board.
How do I see what ICE courses I completed in the past?
Click on "My Certificates" above to see all previously completed courses and certificates.
How long do I have to take ICE courses once I order them?
ICE courses are active for 180 days (6 months) from the date of purchase.
How do I renew my license?
Once you have completed all 22.5 credit hours of CE, you may then go directly to the NY DOS eAccess website to renew your license. 




Easy 3 Step Process to Renew Your License
  1. Order your courses*

  2. Complete your coursework online, at your convenience.  

  3. Renew your license with the ADRE - click here.

  *ICE offers all 24 hours for Salespersons & 30 hours for Brokers
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Courses from Only




Required Hours: 24 or 30
License Renewal: 2 Years
Daily Course Limit: 9 hours
Mandatory topics
 - Agency
 - Contract Law
 - Disclosure
 - Fair Housing
 - Legal Issues
 - Commissioner Standards
    (Salespersons only)
 - Broker Management
    (Brokers only) 
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