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Register as a Proctor

Proctor Information for ICE CE Courses

How do you proctor an ICE online exam?  It's easy...

STEP 1: Register as a Proctor with ICE
1.     Register as a proctor in our system.  Simply click the "Register as Proctor" button on the left.
2.     Print, read, and sign the Proctor Agreement Form - Click here -->    Click to open the PDF document in a new window.
3.     Scan and Email completed Proctor Agreement Form to ICE:  You may also fax it to us: 832-243-1141.
4.     ICE will verify signed Proctor Agreements within 2 business days of receipt, and will email you a confirmation of proctor status.

STEP 2: Proctor an Exam
1.  Proctor must log in to system: use the "Returning IL Proctor" button on the left.
2.  Proctors CLICK HERE to view a passcode for an exam.  A proctor must be logged in to the system to see the passcode.  ICE students do not have access to this information
3.  It is the student's responsibility to contact the proctor and schedule the exam.
4.  When the student logs in to their ICE account and opens a final exam, the proctor will have the password required for the student to begin the exam.
5.  Proctor must be present to input the password in order for the test to begin. 

All final exams are closed book.  Once a test is opened, the student cannot access course content. An exam may be accessed only twice; if the student fails the exam twice, he/she must repurchase and retake the course. Once a test is completed and all answers are submitted, a grade is given immediately.
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