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Privacy Policy

Many Privacy Policy Statements define the rights of the authoring organization. This Privacy Policy Statement defines ICE's responsibilities.


ICE respects your privacy.


If you are a member of the general public, ICE does not require that you identify yourself to casually navigate the non-secured pages of ICE's web-site.


ICE routinely purchases mailing lists identifying prospective customers. ICE does not sell, trade, exchange, share, or publish these lists, in whole or in part, other than to create direct mail advertising for ICE courses.


If you are an enrolled ICE student using ICE's courses, information about you is shared only with your state's professional regulator as required by published law, rule, or regulation. If you are a supplier or business partner, all information about your relationship with ICE, other than reporting transactions required by law, is only shared after ICE receives your written authorization.


If you are an ICE employee, no information about you is shared without your prior written consent. As a condition of employment, we have received your authorization for reporting payroll taxes, group insurance information, and other data required to be shared for your benefit.


ICE's website only collects data about you that you enter and submit, or information you provide to ICE by telephone or written forms. Technical data, such as information identifying your IP address, browser type, or ISP, is not collected by ICE programs. ICE does not use cookies or record anything on your computer that is not initiated by you. No ICE program reads files or programs contained within your computer.

All financial transactions are only shared with organizations involved in completing the transaction such as ICE's bank or charge-card processing service. All credit/debit card transactions are processed via the Internet through PayPal.


ICE does not engage or do business with any person or entity who, in possession of your data, such as ICE's Internet hosting companies, does not comply with and support all provisions of this privacy policy.

ICE does not sell, trade, exchange, share, or publish any data contained within ICE's possession, on printed paper or in magnetic media form, with any third party person or entity, public or private where the information is not wholly owned or created by ICE.


In the event ICE is mandated by a competent legal jurisdiction to reveal any information about you or your organization, be assured that ICE will inform you in writing of each request. ICE will cooperate with your right to exercise all remedies at law to avoid sharing your information.


ICE attests that this privacy policy has never been intentionally or knowingly violated or compromised in any way since ICE's origination on September 10, 1993.  
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